1935, the fabric store Louvre was opened in Curitiba. In 2007, the third generation of the family launched NovoLouvre in a building built by Miguel Calluf, founder of the Louvre. In this building, located in the historic center of Curitiba, much of the collection NovoLouvre is created, produced and marketed. NovoLouvre brings Curitiba's fashion and style to all the World.

NovoLouvre's Atelier

Adress: Rua Trajano Reis, 36  São Francisco Curitiba PR Brazil

Phone: +55 41 3232.0055

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NovoLouvre is a brazilian emerging brand with contemporary modeling and unique digital printing. With artistic references from his hometown the brand brings a new modern vision of what fashion should be.

NovoLouvre is a "fashion design office" instead of garment factory. The NovoLouvre innovative processes replace steps and creates new technologies that contribute to the economic and social sustainability of the fashion chain.

Ph: Debora Spanhol